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What Is The Date Of Your Event?
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What Time Will Your Event Begin?
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What Time Will Your Event End?
Select the Grace Staff Member that will be present at event, and in charge of shutting down building, turning off lights, locking doors, and setting alarm.
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(I.E. - Egg Hunt, Rehearsal Dinner, Tapestry, Choral Performance, Pine-Wood Derby, etc.)
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Event Leader/Coordinator
Who is the key point of contact person overseeing all details and planning the event? (If same please type SAME)
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Event Leader/Coordinator Phone:
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If Staff Assistance Is Needed For Setup That You Or Your Team Will Not Be Taking Care Of, Please List Details Below. (Examples: How does stage need to be setup, Please give a total number of seats you need set up, If any 8' tables please list quantity, If any round tables please list quantity, If round table seating please list how many seats per table...)
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(If you will be needing to use Grace Fellowship's Audio, Media or Lighting Equipment, an approved Grace Audio/Media/Lighting Engineer will be required to be hired for the event and any rehearsals leading into. Details will be provided after submitting this form. - If this is a Church-Wide Event, please select below)
Facility NEEDS
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What Time Would You Need Doors Unlocked?
What Time Would You Need Doors Unlocked?
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