More Arts

What if my art form isn’t listed in the other categories?

Don’t give up just yet! We encourage you to reach out to us, and allow us to see if we can find a place for you in Student Arts.


It may be that your art has a competition category in certain events we participate in (such as District and National Fine Arts festivals), or can be used here and now in other areas of our church, Grace Fellowship, or can even be used to start new Student Arts teams entirely. Submissions will be reviewed and decided on a case-by-case basis.

Below are some specific forms of art that are not yet listed, but we encourage you to still reach out to us about:

  • Painting / Drawing / Sculpting

  • Filmmaking

  • Writing

  • Poetry

  • Short Sermon

  • Songwriting

  • Photography

  • Graphic Design

  • Dance

  • Rap (Individual or Group)

  • Woodwind, brass, or string instruments

  • Step Team

  • Puppeteering