Grace Student Choir

Grace Student Choir sings a diverse style of energetic, fun music. Our season runs from January through August, participating in youth services, main services, the community, our Missions Tour and Fine Arts Festival. Rehearsals are Sunday afternoons.

2019 Awards: District and National Superior ratings. 2nd place overall at National Festival.


Vocal Ensemble

This auditioned group takes it to the next level. This small group sings music of a more challenging caliber. You can watch their award-winning performance from last year by clicking here.

2019 Awards: District and National Superior ratings. 7th place overall at National Festival.

Auditions are now closed. Click below to see the 2019-20 Roster!


Grace Student Worship Team (Vocals)

The Student Worship Team leads worship for our weekly student Encounter nights. This team includes vocals and rhythm section (keys, bass, drums, guitars). They rehearse on Wednesday nights from 5:15 PM to 6:20 PM, and lead the service beginning at 6:45 PM. In addition to weekly services, the team leads worship on our Missions Tour and participates in Fine Arts Festival. For training, the team participates in two annual Worship Team camps and Team Nights.

2019 Awards: Small Worship Team District and National Superior ratings. 1st place overall at National Festival.