Wednesday Night Workshops


Fun & Marriage

Join B.W. & Renee Clark (left) & Ginger & Todd Antwine (Right) as they discuss having fun as a couple & family.

Begins: September 4th @ 6:45pm

Length: 4 weeks

Room: 113


The Holy Spirit & Family

Join Cindy Mackey as she discusses the role of the Holy Spirit in your personal life, marriage, and family. Ask questions, grow, and discover what the Lord has for you.

Begins: September 4th @ 6:45pm

Length: 5 weeks

Room: 112


How to Read the Bible

Have you ever read the Bible and thought, “I have no idea what this means?” If so, this group is for you. Rich Page will help you learn principles that will guide you to a greater understanding of God and His Word.

Begins: September 4th @ 6:45pm

Length: 6 weeks

Room: 111


Praying Moms

Motherhood is one of the greatest gifts from God. But, learning how to pray at a very busy season of life can be difficult. Join Faith as she shares on God and prayer in the life of mothers.

Begins: September 4th @ 6:45pm

Length: 5-6 weeks

Room: 100/101


Bible Trivia Group

Do you like games? Are you competitive? Learn the Bible like never before while hitting the buzzer with this group. Kimberly Lowman will host our Bible Trivia group to help learn more about the Bible than ever before!

Begins: September 4th @ 6:45pm

Length: 4-5 weeks

Room: 102

Pastor Tony.jpg

Pastor Tony’s Bible Study

Join our lead pastor, Tony Vismor, in a weekly Bible Study in the Grace Hall. You’ll journey through the Scriptures and grow like never before!

Begins: August 14th @ 6:45pm

Length: Ongoing

Location: In August, the Sanctuary